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Business Intelligence

One of our main business Services offered is Business Intelligence (BI). We offer Business Intelligence from routine business reports, through Reporting Services from SQL server up to Advanced BI.

Advanced BI will look to further enhance your business and help to see issues that would not easy found without viewing reports. Through the power of reporting you can have further insights of your organisation and keep track of your income versus expenditure. Help keep track of asset repair and maintenance to ensure assets do not cost you more to keep and uphold then to dispose of.

If a Business Intelligence service requirement that you need is not on this page, then why not Contact us and let's see if we can arrange it for you.

Here are some of the features we offer with our Business Intelligence services:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)dashboard

We offer CRM reporting services for all organisations and businesses. Our bespoke reports are considered top-class and we can help you stay on track with your customers and clients, you can have further insights as to which customers are buying your products and services by categories.

Help Desk Managementpexels jonathan borba 3285203

We can create reports for Help Desk Management systems which can help with streamlining current processes used by businesses, this can speed up the support process by dealing with issues quicker and if required changing support request queues to development (or visa-versa) without compromising the quality of the service offered. 

Knowledgebase ManagementKnowledge base management

Overview 2000 offers Knowledgebase Reporting services with advanced searching and filtering.

SharePoint Managementsharepoint

For organisations that have Microsoft 365 and need to set up a file management system we can do it for you. With our expertise and being partners of Microsoft we can quickly setup a file management system for you to use in SharePoint. Using SharePoint is easy to understand and maintain so why not ask us to setup and maintain your SharePoint system.

pexels lukas 669615Multiple Levels of Reporting

We can write multiple levels of reports for you whether you need to look at the latest expenditure of a department or want to see the previous spending of certain departments we can help you by creating reports for you. 

Utilizing SQL Server reportingSQL

We can create reports through SQL server Reporting Services, which are easy to understand and utilize.

Oracle Oracle

For businesses who use Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP), we have fully trained staff on Oracle developer and have experience using versions 2008, 2012, 2013 and 2018.  We can create specialised reports through Oracle Developer so why not let us write your reports for you.

Data Warehousingpexels brett sayles 4508751 1

We can create your Data warehouse and create a suite of reports.