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We offer support for existing customers who have signed support contract with us. We are now introducing a new Tier system that allows quicker processing of customer enquires and dealing with customer issues with our products quickly but without comprising on the quality of our service rendered. If you need support visit our Customer Support page and if you have a general enquiry visit our Customer Services page.

Our Support Tiers:

Platinum Tier

The platinum tier is the greatest tier we offer as clients and partners discounts on our applications for up to 75% off, have very cheap but reasonable quotes, unlimited repairs, support for up to five years and incorporates all the features the other tiers have.


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Gold Tier

The Gold tier is a great tier as our customers and partners have support for up to 3 years, have discounts on our applications for up to 50% off and have IT support throughout the 3 years for extra cost.

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SIlver Tier

The silver tier is good tier as our partners and customers have support for two years and we offer discounts up to 25% on selected applications and free quotes on any IT issue you are currently facing. 

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Bronze Tier

The Bronze tier is the most cost effective tier, but a valuable tier for all our customers and partners as we apply a 15% on one application of choice and support for up to one year.

Bronze Medal