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Business Sectors

We offer our services and products to all business sectors whether you are big or small, we can support your business needs. If your business industry is not listed,  or you have queries then please Contact us!!

Here is a list below of industries that have benefited from us:

Manufacturing and engineeringpexels kateryna babaieva 2760241

We have supported a number of manufacturers and engineering companies over the past from companies such as British Aerospace to food manufacturers. We can proudly say we have the expertise to support engineering and manufacturing companies.

Logistic and warehousingpexels elevate 1267324

We have supported Logistical companies such as DHL. We have worked on their parcel management system and now that business sector is booming. Logistic companies can process orders and delivery parcels quickly and safely. 


Housing Sectorpexels photomix company 101808

We worked with a number of Housing organisations that manage tenants, rents, mortgages and payments. 

Social Care & healthpexels andrea piacquadio 3768131

We have worked with a number of Social Care and Hearth organisation. We have designed and developed Social Care and Health care applications for the sick and elderly. Please take a look at our Assessment App and Care App for more information!!

Educationpexels magda ehlers 1337387

We have worked with a number of education and training organisations. We have created Education systems for training providers, tuition centres  and schools delivered via Microsoft Access. We also create and manage cost effective websites for the education sector.

Financepexels pixabay 50987

We have worked with a number organisations where we have installed our ‘Sabre Accounts’ system. We have also created bespoke billing and finance systems to assist with fund-raising and budget management. We have carried out migrations projects to assist client who need to upscale their finance systems.

HR & Payrollpexels pixabay 209224

We have created custom HR applications for our large organisation of 3000 Staff / Volunteers that can process Payrolls, Holiday bookings, Sick leaves and with self-serve. 

Document ManagementNoDocumentHanding3

We can offer systems for document management for all business, industry and size.   

We will assist you in deciding the best storage type and location to suit your budget and preference.