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Our Services

We provide many services and products, we distribute them to a wide range of organisations and businesses, if a service that you require is not listed why not Contact us and let's see if we can arrange that service for you.

Here is a list of the services we are currently offering:

Web Applications Design consultingpexels danny meneses 943096 1

We consult with clients and after system analysis of their current system we look for ways to improve upon it or even develop a Web-application for them to use.

Learning from past experiences we have been developing web-apps for our clients utilising the power of Azure, power apps and flavours of Dynamics 365, allowing us to deliver your web-app to you faster than a conventional bespoke application.

Windows Applications Design consultingWindows App Desktop

We consult with clients and assess their current windows applications they are using and we look for ways to improve it or even develop a better windows application or web app for them to use.

Web Site Design consultingWeb Design

These days a lot of organisations and businesses big or small are relying on the cloud now more than ever.

So how do you promote your products and services?

Through the power of web sites, for us how we see your web sites like brochures for you to promote your products and services.

We have designed websites for a wide range of organisations and businesses across a myriad of business types. So let us create your website!!

Why not visit our Service page to find out more.  

Why not visit our Products page to find out more.

Internet Technology Consultingpexels pixabay 355952

We consult with clients who need to set up a presence in the world of the internet.

We consult with clients who need their customers to see and purchase their products via the web

We consult with clients on what kind of digital presence do they need whether it is a website, webservice and/or a Web-app.

Housing Technology SmartHome

Development of how smart homes can improve house owners and tenants lives whilst making it easier, and more cost-effective, to manage these homes.

The most cited improvements are the deployment of internet of things (IoT) devices are asset management, repairs and maintenance, and housing management.

From energy usage to advanced analytics and security and warning systems to help protect vulnerable people, our focus is on holistic, connected systems which offer a realistic, affordable solution across a large number of properties.


Data MigrationData Migration

Are you worried about your data and do you want or need to move it to a different application or database, that you don't know or worried you can't do it?

We can do it for you. We migrate data from all kinds of software whether it has a conventional  database or file transfers. Trust us to do it for you.

Contact us via our Contact Us page and complete the contact us form

Application audit consultation (2 hours Max)pexels anna shvets 4226140

We conduct application consultations where we will analyze your current system and look for ways to enhance and improve it, via a 3 step process:

first we look in the system by analyzing it,

then we discuss with you, what the application does versus what you want it do. 

and then we create a gap analysis and specification outline for enhancing this system.

if there is any issues or bugs we will resolve it for you.

pexels thisisengineering 3861958System Integration

Are you in need of help and support integrating multiple systems and sub-systems that you currently use into one system.

We can help you achieve the integration of multiple systems into your Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP). We have worked with a number of clients and have developed skills and tools to ensure a successful and efficient migration and implementation project

Technical Trainingpexels christina morillo 1181329

We can offer training programmes to organisations that need to use software for a particular role. Our training is rigorous and extensive. We spare no expense in giving your organisation the edge they need to use that software. We offer SQL training using Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, Oracle 18 Developer and a number of other platforms.