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Web & Hosting

We offer web and hosting services, for your organisation or business. we can register your domain, host web applications and websites. We can provide SSL Certificates, anti-virus software and backup and recovery.

If you have any hosting enquires please do not hesitate to contact us!

Here is a list of the services we provide for hosting:

Domain NamesDomain 2

We can create for you a specific Domain names to match your business. We can register specific types and secure overseas domain names if so required.


We can set you up with a new emails or use you existing one with an website or better still add your account to a new email service such as Microsoft Office 365 - Outlook.

Chat Roompexels-matilda-wormwood-4099099.jpg

We offer Chat Room services including setting up, maintaining and supporting along with the chat room.

Message Board HostingMessageboard hosting

We can host messaging boards and forums and along with that we can setup, and maintain it for you.

Managed Server Hostingserver

We offer hosting services for managing servers of various sizes and performance. We also offer support for maintaining your servers.

Application web Hostingpexels rodrigo santos 3888151

As mentioned before we can create and host web-apps and we can maintain them for you.


PortalsWeb Portal JpG

We can offer hosting services for Portals and we can maintain it for you.